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What if the Babysitter falls?

Plenty of households these days have a Nanny or Babysitter to help out with the kids. But what happens if the babysitter falls and has medical bills.

Recently a family in Manhattan Beach had this happen. The Nanny was coming downstairs after putting the kids down for a nap. She slipped on the stairs and broke her wrist while trying to brace her fall.

Who pays for her medical bills? You do- or rather you hope your Home Owners Insurance does. A problem may arise, however, if you have not added that person to your Home Owners as Workers Compensation coverage. In many instances this coverage may already be included for an employee but you should check.

A Nanny in Manhattan Beach or a Housekeeper in Beverly Hills. Workers Compensation Insurance is a must for your household emplyees.

Make sure you aren't left with no babysitter and a ton of bills.

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