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Problem Solving

I was sitting with a group of friends recently talking about their dogs and training. We all love our pooch's- some of us let them get away with things others would not.

One person in particular seemed to be a bit combative about the perceived laxity of obedience from the group.

Once he left one person remarked- 'There goes a person with a problem for every solution"

It's true. Many people out there only seem to look at the negatives and not possibilities. While 2+2= 4 so does 1+3-

We look for solutions to your problems; for your Business Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance and Car Insurance.

If you have a problem or question in Manhattan Beach, El Segundo or Redondo Beach a solution is close by. We haven't forgotten about you Greater Los Angeles and have an 800 number for your calls as well.

We might even have an idea for your dog pulling on his leash~

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