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Holiday Gifts & Jewelry

Happy New Year~

Many of you have just received beautiful gifts over the holiday's. Some of these might be of the sparkly variety. Whether the gifts are from Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach or Hollywood they are all now your precious memories.

Did you realize these items may not be covered on your Home Owners or Renters Policy for the replacement value? Most Home Owners Jewelry coverage have limitations on Jewelry, Watches and Fine Arts. In some cases as low as $500 per item.

A Jewelry Floater where you list the items or a "Blanket Jewelry" Endorsement could be the answer.

A broken prong or theft from a hotel room can mar a beautiful memory.

Money can't replace the sentiment associated with a gift from a loved one.

But it can provide the resources to make a special gift again.

Ask your agent about Jewelry Coverage on your Home Owners Policy today~

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