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Seeing the aftermath of a 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal should remind all of us Southern Californian's about earthquake preparedness. We all send our thoughts and prayers to those struggling in the affected area.

Back at home be reminded to have plenty of fresh water, canned foods, flashlights and batteries. Many people have solar powered chargers for radios, cell phones and other devices.

In your car have comfortable walking shoes, extra clothes, water and a few energy bars should you be stranded on a freeway.

Lastly, an evacuation plan or "connection" plan for family and friends for after a disaster like this is key. Maybe meeting up somewhere in Redondo Beach. Maybe a social media site like Twitter or Facebook. Maybe the pier in Manhattan Beach~

Only about 20% of Homeowners in California insure for the peril of Earthquake. Contact your agent and see what the costs and benefits might be for you and your family. Protecting a major asset, such as your home, is just as important as those items listed above.

There is no warning before an earthquake- now is the time to get ready.

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