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Do you hear that?

This was the question when I answered the phone on Monday morning. Did I hear that? Yes, it sounded like water. A customer in Los Angeles had his first claim.

Waking up to the first floor of your house being flooded is no fun. So what do you do?

First things first. Identify where the water is coming from and try to turn off the water at that source. Can't find the valve? Turn off water to the house. It's easy to find?

What next? You'll want to get the water cleaned up and the drying process started right away. Plenty of service companies out there who do remediation. Have a shop vac? A great start but these companies can help pick up soaking carpets and get fans to start drying.- take some pictures-

Next, call in and get a claim started. It's no fun having a claim but we are here to help when you say "Do you hear that?"

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