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An Honest Mistake

Attention to detail is an important thing. A simple mistake can sometimes lead to big problems.
In 2009 a company in Britan experienced this when 3000 suppliers cancelled contracts on them . It appears Taylor & Son had filed for liquidation while it was reported to the credit agencies that Taylor & Son(s) had filed. This led to a credit problem and the end for a 125 year old British Company Taylor & Sons. A lawsuit made this typo worth 17 million dollars.

Many small business' feel an Office Insurance Policy isn't necessary- "We're a small office. What could happen." Sometimes small details can have big consequences.

If you're a department store or have your office in an Executive Suite all business' need a Business Owners Policy to protect themselves and their clients.

If you're in Redondo Beach, Manahattan Beach, Hermosa, Torrance or El Segundo- call us about your office business insurance and ask how we can help keep small mistakes from becoming a bigger problem.

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