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Your Personal Information Nov 9, 2015

Ever wonder how companies all seem to know the "last four of your social" or Date of birth. Credit card numbers? It's because we give it to them. Should you? I don't believe so but it has become commonplace and a big problem.

Hundreds of millions of records are stolen every year. All of the above can lead to serious consequences for you.

Social Security numbers were never inteded to be used as a personal identifier for everything. The trend is slowing HIPPA rules and Helath Insurance carriers are giving us I.D's rather than SSN- (but still asking for SSN I Don't know why)

Protect yourself. Don't be so quick to spew out your birthdate or Social number. Only in rare instances does some 3rd party really need it.

Hand Crafted Artisanal Insurance Oct 13, 2015

So many new products out there today making crazy kinds of claims. Organic, Natural, Homemade are just slogans that now seem to have no meaning.

One thing that remains hand crafted and natural these days is service. Not the kind of service you receive by calling an 800 number but the kind of service you receive from an Independent Agent.

Do you want to know the person who has access to all of your personal information? Trust with some of your life's watershed moments like Jr. getting their license? Get personalized service everytime you call?

Then we are the agency for you Los Angeles. We enjoy taking the time to speak with each and every caller and help with not just insurance but all of our points of contact in the service industry.

Want Hand Crafted Artisanal Insurance? Call us. We would love to hear your story.
Bank letter says I need more coverage Sep 23, 2015

One of the regular tussles here in the office is with banks. They all seem to want you to insure your house for the loan amount.

The bank then tells you we aren't cooperating and they "have to" place extra coverage on your house.


You only have to insure your property to the Replacement Cost of the improvements. How much to rebuild your house. California has a Civil Code Section dedicated to this premise.

Next time the bank tells you the loan amount is the minimum insurance required push back. They just want you to spend money without value coming back
Health Insurance Aug 19, 2015
There has been a lot of talk these last few years about health insurance and even more changes.

Some of the changes are common knowledge like no more pre-existing conditions keeping you from obtaining coverage.

However, some aspects of the law may come as a surprise.

If you didn't sign up for coverage duruing open enrollment, absent a Qualifying Event, you can't get coverage until the next open enrollment. A long time to wait.

If your policy cancels for non-payment. Out of luck until the next open enrollment.

That's right with the positive changes came some new restrictions.
Enroll in auto-pay- sign up during open enrollment. If not, you may find you can't get coverage when you need it most.
I.D. Theft Aug 5, 2015
Ever get a funny looking email with a link to click a "friend" sent you?

How about a call from "Visa" or "American Express" offering to reduce your interest rate?

I've got news for you. The credit card company is not calliing and the "friend" is not a friend.

I.D. theft, hackers, phishing are worse than ever. Be careful with your personal information and never give out your details unless you have contated the company and are sure who you are dealing with.
Most home and renters policies have some coverage for I.D. theft included.

Check your policy and be sure.
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